Louro – Fashion Boutique Logo Design

This is the original logo brainstorm session for Louro. The logo needed to be acessible but at the same time being ‘top shelf’.

After a round of deliberations with the client, we came down to these 3 logos. It was clear that it needed to be a hybrid of cursive, calligraphy, and handwritten style.

Chosen from the original swatch,
the client and I favored this style the best.

Since this was going to be on a plethora of different mediums (print, web, mobile, apparel, and stationary), we needed to simplify the logo to make it easier to recognize and identify.

When we came to the final logo, we decided on using non cursive format for the ‘r’ because we want to make it like it was hand written with a calligraphy pen. The final result is a very simple yet iconic logoset which can stand on its own without the need for any accessories, but can still be used in a wide range of mediums.